DJSA Enduros

DJSA Endurance Racing (“Enduros”) is back for 2011
and Mr. Jim Lambert remains at the helm of it all!



The DJSA Team is working on four, 100-mile races in the Northern California area, please see below!   

San Luis Reservoir is close to a “middle point” between Northern and Southern California.  To bring NorCal racers and SoCal Racers together more easily in 2011, DJSA intends to run two races at San Luis this year.  Mr. Lambert has made Enduros being part of the season opener as well as the last race of the year.

The 2011 schedule
A 10 race point series
2 Specialty Races
4 100-mile Enduro races

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12/2011: Steve Friebe of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing wins the 2011 DJSA Racing Series 

9/2011 DJSA Enduro Race : Steve Friebe of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing wins the 9/2011 DJSA Three Race Points Series, all raced in one day. Other podium racers were Dean Brown and Mark Gerner of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing   

4/2011: PWCOFFSHORE Racing Sweeps at April DJSA Race - second time in a row after Mark Gerner wins November, 2010 DJSA Enduro Race.
4/2011 DJSA Endurance Race at San Luis, Mark Gerner of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing wins overall:
55 Mile Heat 1: Sean Conner of PWCOFFSHORE Racing / SeaDoo RXT wins Gerner Second
55 Mile Heat 2: Steve Friebe of PWCOFFSHORE Racing SeaDoo RXTX wins over Gerner by half boat length 

11/2011:  DJSA Enduro Race at San Luis Reservoir:  Mark Gerner of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing wins Overall 


Below, Mark Gerner at DJSA Enduro Race - Phot by Traci Cottle

Below, Steve Friebe at 9-2011 DJSA Enduro Race

Below, Mark Gerner at 9/2011 DJSA Race (photo by Traci Cottle)


 Above 11/2010 Photo By Traci Cottle / Below Sean Conner

Below, Steve Friebe at DJSA Race