The Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race DVD aka "The LB2CAT" DVD's: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Long Beach to Catalina and Back PWC Race DVD coverage available for purchase here (each sold individually or a "Full Immersion / Get Them All" (7 DVD's package while supplies last). 

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2014 LB2CAT DVD:


 Below, The 2013 LB2CAT DVD:

The IJSBA 2013 Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race Coverage DVD;  $20.99 plus $3.00 shipping and handling.
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Below, The 2012 Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race DVD Coverage
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2011 APBA Long Beach to Catalina and Back aka "The LB2CAT" Race DVD   
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2009 APBA Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race DVD
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The LB2CAT is the most prestigious and long running Offshore PWC Race in the United States!  Leaving the shadow of the famous Queen Mary ocean-liner, racers head out through the Queens Gate across 28 miles of dangerous open waters of the Pacific Ocean.  The City of Avalon on Catalina Island looms ahead, hard core offshore PWC racers turnaround and face off the strenuous return leg of open ocean swells, fatigue, and the exhausting control of their high horsepowered race craft.  Who can take the LB2CAT challenge and go the distance, who will be the winners?  
The DVD consists of pre race interviews and helicipter footage of the race from Long Beach to Catalina and back.  Enjoy!    

Note:  The DVD is not a BlueRay DVD. It was filmed in HD.  Regardless there is  pixilation during footage of the craft at high speeds due to what we assume is due to compression.  Do not purchase this DVD if you are expecting it to be a completely clear video / picture, expect just standard DVD quality of footage.         

On October 29, 2009 PWCOFFSHORE.com paid a visit to Kawasaki Headquarters, USA to meet up with two time APBA PWC Offshore National Champion Craig Warner of Monster Kawasaki. Warner earned the prestigious cover shot on the 2009 LB2CAT DVD by taking his second consecutive Offshore National Championship racing his green and black Kawasaki ULTRA260X. The purpose of the visit was to get the champ’s signature on well over 50 of the 2009 Long Beach to Catalina and Back DVDs! The champ took his time and carefully signed each one of the DVDs!

As of October 29, 2009 and while Craig Warner signed DVD supplies last, those ordering their DVD’s from PWCOFFSHORE.com will receive one of the personally autographed 2009 LB2CAT DVD copies signed by Two time Offshore National Champion Craig Warner!
2009 LB2CAT Below

Below: Mark Gerner at the 2009 LB2CT:


The price of the Below 2008 Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship DVD
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PAYPAL For 2008 LB To CAT and Back for the 2008 DVD:

PWCOFFSHORE.com is pleased to announce the release of the 2008 APBA Long Beach to Catalina & Back PWC Offshore National Championship Race DVD on Friday October 10, 2008.  The DVD will be available for sale via PWCOFFSHORE.com.  PWCOFFSHORE stated "Working closely with IBall Productions, PWCOFFSHORE has generated some of the finest PWC offshore endurance racing footage we've seen to date.  The heavy sea-state, speed of the watercraft combined with the intensity of many of the racers resulted in some truly awesome footage.  This includes footage of a PROAM racer doing a get-off at well over 70 mph which is an amazing thing to watch on a big-screen."  The promoter of the event Ross Wallach of RPM Racing Enterprises stated that "If you couldn't have been there to watch the race, having the vantage point from the helicopter is absolutely the next best thing, probably even better! I am excited about the growth of the LB2CAT PWC event and look forward to the races that will follow in the years to come.  We thank PWCOFFSHORE for using the DVD as a platform to show this truly epic PWC offshore endurance race to the rest of the world."      
PWCOFFSHORE wishes to thank the following DVD Sponsors for their support.  The DVD would not have happened without these sponsor's support and we are all truly grateful to:  PWCOFFSHORE.com, NOBLE Racing, GreenHulk.net PWC Performance Forums, 4-tecperformance.com, Rude Performance, St Pete Rental Properties, JetTrendz and David Walker, Florida Team Moto Racing and Skip Holmes, R&D Racing Products, Clawson Motorsports, Steve Friebe, Vanick Racing

Below is the 2007 Long Beach to Catalina and Back PWC Offshore PWC Race DVD (Below)

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The 2007 DVD Consists Of The Following:
1.  Pre race interviews
2.  The 2007 Long Beach to Catalina & Back Race
3.  PWC highlights
4.  Post race interviews
PAYPAL for 2007 LB To Cat and Back PWC Offshore National Championship/ 2007 Long Beach to Cat Race:  

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