Dana Point 2 Avalon Race

2015 Dana Point Ca. USA to Avalon & Back 55 Mile Offshore Race 
May 17, 2015  RACE CANCELLED 

July 19th- Long Beach to Catalina & Back – IJSBA Offshore National Championships (LB2CAT)
 September 13th- Dana Point to Oceanside & Back

Good Afternoon Racer:

Round # 1 of the 2015 Triple Crown of Offshore Racing Championship ~ Dana Point to Avalon & Back 

Please note that I have attached the inspection check list of items required for the race. Please do not show up to tech/registration without these items as you will NOT be allowed to participate in the race. Also, please note  VHF Radio's are now mandatory, not highly recommended.
This race is sanctioned by the IJSBA and as such all racers must show proof of health insurance coverage when they check-in at registration on Sunday morning.

Lat and Long:

Start/Finish Turn Boat

N 33 27.291 N 33 22.247

W 117 43.282 W 118 10.814
Note: This race is 27 miles offshore over to the turn boat outside of Avalon and back. 


1803 Morgan Lane

Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Phone (310) 318-4012
Regarding the 2015 Long Beach to Catalina and back Offshore National Championship (aka The LB2CAT) race DVD. We have sponsorship dollars required to make the 2015 LB2CAT Race helicopter coverage DVD. Interested in this international marketing opportunity? We need your support.  Email PWCOFFSHORE at pwc@pwcoffshore.com for more information.  http://www.pwcoffshore.com/DVD_LB2CAT_BACK.php

Who will take this year's TCO? Will Yamaha's new craft be a threat to the Kawasaki ULTRA platform or will the Kawasaki continue to dominate offshore racing? Yamaha, SeaDoo, Kawasaki? Who has the best equipment and bragging rights?  For now, for offshore racing it remains the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X  http://www.kawasaki.com/products/product-specifications.aspx?id=560
Pictures of TCO races here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/31192104@N04/sets/

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Life is short, join in on the fun.  See you there!

The 2011 Dana Point to Avalon and Back Offshore PWC Race (aka The "DP2AV") was March 27, 2011 - 27.5 miles out to sea to a turn boat and 27.5 miles back
Craig Warner of Monster Kawasaki wins!

2011 Overall Dp2Av Results CLICK HERE

**From RPM Racing:  Credit Cards will not be charged until race weekend.  In the event of a racer cancels or doesn't race no credit card will be charged.
**RPM Racing has provided an incenttve to get the entry forms in early:   $275 is the price for Pre-registration (two weeks prior to the race) after that, an additional 25.00 will be billed (Total 300.00).

The 2011 Triple Crown of Offshore (TCO) Points system has been revamped as RPM Racing Enterprises continually strives for parity.  New for this year is weighted rounds, ie: Rounds 1 & 2 have the same points while Round #3, in that it is The Long Beach to Catalina & Back APBA Offshore National Championship Race - is worth 1 1/2 times more than each previous round.  Also new for 2011 is the additional "bonus points" worth 50 additional points for those that compete and complete all three rounds of the Triple Crown.  Last, the TCO points will award "minimal" points for each round for racers that take the start, go a minimum of 100 feet and break.  Failure to complete the race will still give "minimal points" for that race however failure to complete a round will not award the 50 "bonus points" at the end of the series.  The intent here is a points system that will give every advantage to the racer that participates in all rounds as he or she pursues the overall TCO title and class title. 
A little more detail:   1) This year a Racer can earn an additional 50 Bonus Points for finishing all 3 TCO races.  Benefit:  This emphasizes the importance of attending all 3 races. 2) The last race of the series is worth more points than race #1 and race #2.  Benefit:  This highlights LB2CAT as a National Championship event and gives Racers a chance to move up in the overall TCO standings with a solid performance at this event. 3) In the event of a DNF, "some" points will still be awarded to a Racer (you must go at least 100 feet from the start line).  Benefit:  Even if a Racer has a DNF,  points awarded can still be earned towards the overall TCO standings at the end of the TCO Series. 
Thank you to those of you that submitted your input and feedback, all of it was reviewed.  And thank you for your support, we'll see you on March 27 at the newly revamped Dana Point to Avalon & Back Round #1 of the Triple Crown of Offshore Racing!!!
RPM Racing Enterprises is the Promoter of the 2011 TCO.  Questions?  Email Ross at rossdbos26@yahoo.com
2011 TCO Offshore Race Dates:
Dana Point to Avalon and Back - March 27, 2011 (Approx 56 miles round trip)
Dana Point to Oceanside and Back - May 22, 2011
Long Beach to Catalina and Back - July 17, 2011 

2010 Dp to Avalon Overall Results: Click here 



  2010 Results By Class: Click Here
Pictures of the 2010 DP2AV: Click Here

The Top 10 Triple Crown of Offshore numbers earned in 2010 to be sported in The 2011 Triple Crown Races!

More Information on the Triple Crown Series, Click Here

Thank you 2010 Race Sponsors: R.P.M. Racing Enterprises, PWCOFFSHORE.com, Dana Point Jetski, SeaTow, SeaDoo

Post race article written by participant and one of the most well known racers on the planet, Ms. Shawn Alladio:  CLICK HERE
2009 Pre Race / Tech Check Pictures: 
2009 Shawn Alladio / Pictures: CLICK HERE
Photographer Young Huynh 2009 Race Day Pictures, cut and paste this link:
K38 Water Safety Pictures:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/k38shawn/
Video of the start of the race from Jim Walker's RXP courtesy of Jim Walker: 
Another Video from The Jim Walker Race Cam, want to see what approx. 250 horsepower from an RXP sounds and looks like? Click Here and crank up the volume:

2009 Formal / Official Race Results CLICK HERE

2009 Dana Point to Avalon Race - Class Winners 

ProAm: Lee Phan
VetMaster: Kim Bushong of PWCOFFSHORE Racing  
Amateur Class 1:  Ralph Perez of PWCOFFSHORE Gunz Racing
Amateur Class 2:  Tibi Imbuzan
Sportsman Open:  Tom Phan

APBA Rulebook Click Here

Here is RPM Racing Enterprises contact information for your files and future reference: 
1803 Morgan Lane
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Phone (310) 310-318-4012 Fax (310) 372-7427

From:  R.P.M Racing Enterprises
To: 2011 TCO Round # 1 Racers -The APBA Dana Point to Avalon and Back Offshore Race presented by Sea-Doo & Sea-Tow PWC Racers 
Updated 3/15/2011
To All Racers: 
We are looking forward to a great, safe race on March 27, 2011.  Please read this word for word, you are responsible for ensuring that you are informed of race process and time lines on race morning.  Special note:  This race is over to location 25.5 miles offshore en route to Avalon and back.

Key addresses: 
1. Dana Point Launch Ramp:  [24961-24981] Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point, Ca 92629.  Note that there is a “SeaDoo Rental” sign at the entry/turn point to Dana Point Launch Ramp. 
2. Tech Inspection on Saturday - Dana Point Jet Ski:  34671 Puerto Pl, Dana Point, CA 92629,  (949) 661-4947  (949) 661-4947
3. Awards Ceremony:  2 pm at Gemmells Banquet Room (949) 234-0063
    Address: 34471 Golden Lantern St, Dana Point, CA 92629 Get directions
General Directions to the Launch Ramp (Mapquest): 

Saturday March 26 Registration/Check-in/Safety/Tech Inspection:
1. 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm:  Tech check at Dana Point Jet Ski - 34671 Puerto Pl, Dana Point, CA 92629,  (949) 661-4947  (949) 661-4947
Sunday March 27 (please be on time): Dana Point Launch Ramp/Embarcadero only!!
1. 6:45 am (sharp) Late Registration/Check-in/Safety/Tech Inspection
2. 8:00 am Mandatory Racer's Meeting at Dana Point Launch Ramp
3. 9:15 am Launch craft
4. 9:55 am Racers staged outside of break wall at red buoy approx 3/4 miles offshore. 
5. 10:00 am Flag drops and race is on (signaled from official boat).
6. 2:00 pm Awards ceremony at Gemmells Banquet Room- 34471 Golden Lantern St., Dana Point.  (949) 234-0063
Please Note:  5 MPH to the outside break wall to and from the launch facility.  This means 'no wake'. You must abide by all California boating laws and observe for other vessel traffic while conducting your transit. 

Logistics information:
1. Dana Point Harbor / launch ramp:  [24961-24981] Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point, Ca 92629  Dana Point Marina Link:  http://www.danapointharbor.com/
2. Link to Catalina Island: http://www.catalina.com/main.html
3. Dana Point Hotel within walking Distance to the launch Ramp:  http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/ex/1/en/hotel-directory/california/dana-point  (Consider leaving your truck and trailer at the Marina, small parking lot at this hotel).
4. 2:00 p.m. Awards ceremony is at Gemmell's Banquet Room  - 34471 Golden Lantern St., Dana Point.  (949) 234-0063
Detailed Timeline For Race Weekend:

Tech Check Saturday March 26, 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Saturday afternoon at Dana Point Jet Ski
Please ensure you bring all of your required race day items for tech inspection.
Race Day - Sunday March 27, 2011
1. 6:45 am (sharp) Late Registration/Check-in/Safety/Tech Inspection
2. Mandatory Racers Meeting at 8 am - All Racers must attend, no exceptions.
3. Launch craft at 9:15 am, in the water by 9:40 am. 
4. 5 mph no wake zone until you get out of the marina, leave the harbor mouth jaws.
5. All race craft migrate to the red buoy outside the marina approx 3/4 miles offshore - look for 'start boat'.
6. Upon Ross’ signal, please get on line at least 5 yards apart from each craft.
7. 9:55 am Look for Ross Wallach on start boat with Green flag.  Rolling Start, Go when Green flag drops. Note that you will be to the left of the red buoy.
8. If you depart before the green flag drops, you will be penalized. 
9. Green flag drops at 10:00 am, Rolling start right outside the break wall. 
10. Should you see a Red flag (from official boat), stop as there has been a false start and safely return.
11. Do your best to stay in your lane at the start of the race.  No wedging!
12. The start of the race is a straight line start, there are no buoys to go around, it is a straight line shot to Avalon.   
13. Sprint across the channel approx. 25.5 miles one way, look for turnboat and then return to the start location 
14. First racer back to finish boat at Dana Point wins.
15. The finish line is a boat that will be at the lat and long below.  Make sure the finish boat sees your number when you get to the finish boat.  The finish boat is North of the harbor at the start line.
16. We will do all we can to ensure that the turn and finish boat will be right at the designated lat and long i.e. we will tell the driver to ensure they do not allow the current to take them off the mark.   
17. We will also do our best to place something on the craft that differentiates it and ensures it is easily recognizable.  This will be explained at the riders meeting. 
18. Awards will be given at 2 pm at Gemmell's Banquet Room 

Logistics and coordination: 

Safety will be paramount at this race!
1. Tech inspection on March 26, Saturday afternoon at the Dana Point Jet Ski. 
2. Late inspection is Sunday morning at the launch ramp at 6:45 am -
3. Race Start time is 10 am.  All watercraft should be launched no later than 9:40 am - start launching at 9:15 am. 
4. Stay at less than 5 mph behind the break wall
5. Racers will group outside the break 3/4 mile North of the exit by the buoy - look for the start boat
6. Green flag start, rolling straight shot to Avalon and back at 10:00 am on Sunday
7. The lat and long below will be where the turn boat craft is located and the finsih boat and checker flag.
9. After you cross the line, your number is recorded, proceed back to the harbor. 
10. Stay away from all incoming racers still racing.  
11. Minimum 8 inch numbers required on your craft (no duct tape), they must be legible  
12. Program these numbers into your cell phone that will be with you on your craft: 
1.  (310) 318-4012  (310) 318-4012 :  Ross Wallach, APBA Promoter of the race
2.  (310) 521-3815  (310) 521-3815 Los Angeles - US Coast Guard Search and Rescue Emergency Line Only, this is for emergencies only/Emergencies only 
3. (1800) 4seatow:  SeaTow
13. Communication:  Please keep Ross Wallach completely informed of your race status on race day. 
14. Should you have any issues, please ensure you call him.  If you get his voice mail, please speak slowly and clearly with issues you are encountering and your exact status.  When in doubt, communicate.
15. Cost: see entry form (Sportsman Class/first time offshore racers have a reduced rate of 100.00). 
16. Fog/Marine layer: If there is significant fog at 8 am, there will be a delay until the fog burns off.  This is for safety reasons.  Be patient if there is fog. 
17. Please file a float plan prior to leaving with a trusted family member of friend in case of emergency, with directions of where your vehicle keys are stowed and a copy of your vessel identification
Lat and Long:
Start and Finish
N 33 27.291
W 117 43.282
Turn Boat
N 33 22.247
W 118 10.814

Items to have with you as you race across the channel:

Safety will be paramount at this race!
1. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you have a current Vessel Assist or Sea Tow membership
2. Marine Radio fully charged (preferably attached to your Lifejacket)
3. Fully charged Cell Phone
4. Flare gun/flares or handheld flares
5. Water and food
6. First Aid Kit  
7. Tow rope with spring hooks / no less than 12 feet long, strength rated for 1,200 lb. tow capability
8. Signal Mirror
9. Plastic Tie ties
10. Extra hose clamps
11. Duct Tape
12. Exposure Jacket (a warm jacket for being stranded on the water)
13. Extra Lanyard
14. Water Whistle attached to Life jacket
15. GPS
16. Compass
17. Fire Extinguisher in your craft (the stock one is fine) 
18. Extra water and food
19. Copy of your personal ID and vessel registration
You must wear:
1. Full length wetsuit
2. Gloves
3. DOT approved helmet (Motocross like helmet)
4. Riding shoes 
5. Coast Guard approved Life Jacket
6. Eye protection
Dana Point launch:  http://www.danapointharbor.com/
1. 10.00 per craft to launch
2. They have multiple fresh water wash racks on site, bring water hose
3. There are multiple restaurants on site 
4. Dana Point Jet Ski is right across the harbor / Aaron Cress PWC Mechanic  
5. Dana Point Jet Ski address:  [24961-24981] Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point, Ca 92629
6. This is a clean, nice launch ramp.  We need to keep it that way and represent the offshore racing community with class. 
7. Please do not spill any fuel and clean up after yourself.  We want to be welcomed back.                 
Lat and Longs:
Start Finish - start line and return trip back to Dana Point
N 33 27.291
W 117 43.282
Turn Boat - out to Turn Boat
N 33 22.247
W 118 10.814