Executive Sponsor



PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Executive Sponsor David Tew
of Southern California, USA

June 26, 2013

Dave Tew Selected to PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing as Executive Sponsor

PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing is pleased to announce the selection of David Tew as Executive Sponsor at PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing. As an Executive Sponsor, Dave will engage in watercraft related community outreach, collaborate with PWC / watercraft dealers across the country and continue to act as a liaison with recreational riders who have expressed an interest in getting involved in offshore and/or endurance racing and act as an advocate for offshore riding and racing. 

Dave is exceptionally passionate about offshore riding, racing, Pit Crew methodology and Endurance Racing.  Few members of the PWC community have done more than Dave in promoting collaboration and community outreach in engaging recreational PWC riders to ride offshore and when appropriate, play a role in assisting that rider in making the transition from recreational rider to offshore and endurance racer.  The consummate professional, Dave is always there to assist a rider in need. Over the last 25 years on the water, Dave has spent countless hours introducing new riders to the water, educating riders on safety related topics and providing guidance to recreational riders as they transition to various forms of PWC racing.

“PWCOFFSHORE had maintained a relationship with Dave for many years, the criteria for selection for the Executive Sponsor role fits Dave’s strengths perfectly” said PWCOFFSHORE Founder Mark Gerner. “We are pleased to take our relationship with Dave to the next level, he’s a great person that is always there for people and we are honored to be affiliated with him.”

  1. Leader in the development of current PWC Pro Am Endurance Pit Crew methodology
  2. Member of Mark Hahn Memorial Pit Teams winning Top Pit Crew in 2010 & Best Appearing Pit Crew in 2012.
  3. Member of the American Watercraft Association H20 Responders. 
  4. Member of K38 Watercraft; Assisted with countless offshore races & numerous IJSBA World Finals events.  Honored with the 2011 K38 Water Safety Appreciation Award for volunteering in both racing and military events.
  5. DJSA Racing ‘Team Orange’ Safety Member.
  6. Founding member and Vice President of the American Watercraft Association (AWA) So Cal Watercraft Club since 2005.  This has involved promoting the rights of PWC riders, mentoring others in starting area clubs, augmenting focus on safe PWC riding and drowning prevention.
  7. Member of multiple AWA PWC Clubs from across the country.
  8. Member of the K38 Chapter of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA).
 Dave Tew Endurance Racing Titles:  
  1. 2008 LB2Cat Amateur Class 2 National Offshore Champion.  This was the last Class Win at the LB2CAT for Polaris and the last craft to win a class on a 2–stroke.
  2. 2008 DJSA California State Sprint Champion.
  3. 2009 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Vet Masters Open Champion (with race partner Kim Bushong).
  4. 2014 Vet Master Class Offshore National Champion 
  5. 2014 PWCOFFSHORE.COM Award For Excellence 

Race Boats that have flown the family flag of an arm holding an upright cutlass: 
  1. #33 2012 Kawasaki Ultra 300LX
  2. #33 2007 Kawasaki Ultra 250X – Lord Black Racing sponsored
  3. #33 2004 Polaris - P3 Matrix 200-Factory Pipe triple pipe, 1200cc, 2 stroke
  4. #33 2001 Polaris Virage TX

Bio, David ‘Pirate’ Tew:
Born in Hollywood Ca., where both his parents met. The son of a member of the British Royal Air Force, Dave’s Father traveled the world taking jobs at each stop. His Mother traveled to the United States from Ireland for what she thought would be a short visit to assist her older sister with her children as they immigrated to the United States from The Republic of Ireland.
That short trip led to permanent residence in California.

Dave has spent most of his life in the South Bay of the Los Angeles basin at the coast.  This has resulted in many hours enjoying the challenges presented to man and machine on a PWC. Proud father and husband, Dave has been married for over 28 years and has three adult children.

While attending College, Tew started working a part job in a package shipping company which led to a 35 year career with the same corporation. Dave is currently an Operations Manager and has had positions in Human Resources, Safety, Compliance, Training, and special assignments in other locations during national disasters.

One of the greatest joys he has found in life is volunteering with his children’s schools and competitive sports; this included his involvement in scouting for over 20 years.   Welcome Dave Tew to PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing