Legacy Racers

Manufacturer Stock Class: Ms. Shawn Alladio

Vet Master Class: John Belton
Vet Master Class: Kim Bushong 

 Technical Advisor: Aaron Cress

There is a truly awesome amount of combined experience within PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing.  Between them, there is 100 years of offshore and endurance riding experience and over 1500 round trip, 58 mile Long Beach, California to Catalina Island and back rides!  

These racers have been selected by virtue of their PWC offshore riding and racing experience, professionalism, success on the racecourse, and their willingness & desire to play a major role in the expansion of our sport. This is an exceptionally unique group of racers by virtue of their actions off of the racecourse. These racers are focused on their individual racing performance and giving back to the offshore racing and riding community in the form of leadership of positive change in the offshore PWC community. This includes but is not limited to assisting promoters orchestrate races, collaboration with new racers and information sharing.

Congratulations are in order for these accomplished racers!
Strength and Honor

R&D Watercraft Racing Products

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"R&D's proud to welcome the PWC0FFSHORE.COM Sponsored Racers to the R&D family. 
Over the years leading race teams rely on R&D performance and innovation to win countless National and World Championships in every classification of competition. We look forward to more success in offshore competition with the PWC0FFSHORE.COM Sponsored Racers."

Pictured Below, R&D Racing sharing the stage after PWCOFFSHORE wins the the overall at the 2009 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile National Championship Race 

Racer backgrounds reflect below for your review:    Should you wish to be a sponsor for this group of riders, please contact us at pwc@pwcoffshore.com   Should you wish to sponsor an individual rider, we encourage you to contact the rider directly! 

Individual Race Club Members:  

Ms. Shawn Alladio - Professional PWC Racer, PWCOFFSHORE Club Member Since 2008 
Southern California

2010 APBA Member Number: #69, and #4 TCO

Race Boat:  Stock Kawasaki ULTRA



American Watercraft Association H2O Responder Member

IJSBA Member

APBA Member




2009 Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race

1st Ironman

3rd Overall

3rd in Class Pro/Am Open February 28th 2009.

1st stock boat across the finish line  Kawasaki ultra 250X

2009 United Warrior Survivor Foundation PWC Freedom Ride

Charity ride for UWSF on September 12, from San Pedro CA, to the Coronado Naval Amphibious Base in San Diego County, CA and back.  Team riders:  Shawn, Mark, Russell, Pirate, Ralph and Steve.


2009 Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint

11th overall

8th in Class Pro/Am Open. Stock Kawasaki Ultra 250X

2009 LB2CAT
Kawasaki Ultra 250X. Second in Stock Class

12th Overall


2009 Dana Point to Oceanside and Back

1st in Stock Class – Kawasaki Ultra 250X

11th Overall


Triple Crown of Offshore Champions Series

1st in Stock Class-Kawasaki Ultra 250X (stock)

4th Overall-Kawasaki Ultra 250X (stock)


Race Team Website:  http://wwwPWCoffshore.com

Link to competitive background:  http://k38watersafety.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2626


2010 Sponsors

Kawasaki Motors Corporation, Liquid Militia Clothing, PWCOffshore.com, McGraw Insurance, quakeysense, OTB Boots, Exsta, Gath Headgear, K38 GEAR, Mustang Survival, Betty Belts, AWA H20 Responders, Hydroturf, Hypnotic Films, Triple Overhead Gear, K38 Rescue


Recent Distinctions


·         IJSBA Water Safety Director

·         IJSBA inaugural Hall of Fame inductee

·         2009 PWCoffshore Race Team Warrior Award

·         2009 PWC Community Award for Valor

·         2009 AWA –PON ‘Protecting Athletes & Safety on the Water’ Award

·         2009 Liquid Speed Radio –Person of the Year Award  



  Shawn Alladio, Pictured in 2009:  

John Belton, Redondo Beach, California.
 PWCOFFSHORE Club Member since 2007 

Primary Race Craft:  2009 Kawasaki ULTRA 260X     John is a seasoned veteran of offshore riding and offshore racing.  Belton is the most experienced rider selected to be a PWCOFFSHORE sponsored rider for 2008.  John has been riding personal watercraft for 23 years.  Most of that riding has been in the ocean off the coast of Los Angeles, California.  Nick named "The Master" by his peers, John has earned the respect of those peers from hundreds of rides and countless hours spent on the ocean.  Simply put, John is a tremendous wealth of information for offshore riding and racing related topics.  Very few people know the Long Beach to Catalina channel as well as John.  As much as John likes to ride hard and aggressively, safety has always been a paramount concern for both himself and his friends on the water.  John also enjoys casual summer riding in the general Colorado River Valley area.   

 Race history / highlights are as follows:
July 2002:  Won very first Jet Ski race entered.  150 mile Team Endurance Race.
Aug 2002: 10th overall Long Beach to Catalina 
       2003:  Earned the #2 Plate for the BP Offshore Endurance Series
Aug 2004:  8th Overall Long Beach to Catalina
Feb 2005:  3rd Overall Mark Hahn 300
Feb 2006:  3rd Overall Mark Hahn 300
Feb 2007:  1st Overall Mark Hahn 300
Aug 2007:  10th Overall Long Beach to Catalina (broke the one hour mark with a time of 58 minutes). 
Feb 2008:  13th Overall at the 2008 Mark Hahn (riding with Tracy Malan)
April 2009: 5th overall at the Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint
Nov 2009: First stock craft to finsih at the Dana Point to Oceanside and Back Offshore Race

Given that John rides almost every weekend, he has made 600+ trips from Long Beach to Catalina and back.  Yes, no embellishment there, 500 round trips or the equivalent of 29000 miles or about 9 trips across the United States worth of Long Beach to Catalina Channel experience.  John has been an athlete his entire life. "I learned how to surf, sail, and swim all before I was 10 years old so I am very comfortable in the water".   John currently lives on his Sailboat in Redondo Beach, CA which further complements his "on the water" lifestyle.  

Personal Watercraft that John has owned in the past: 1985 550 Kawasaki JetSki, 1987 550 Kawasaki JetSki, 1991 550 Kawasaki Jet Ski, 1996 750 Kawasaki ZXi, 1998 1100 Kawasaki STX, 1998 750 Kawasaki SXi Pro, 2000 1200 Kawasaki Ultra 150, 2002 1200 Kawasaki 1200 STX-R, 2004 1200 Kawasaki 1200 STX-R

Current Watercraft John Owns:  2003 800 Kawasaki Jet Ski SXR, 2005 Sea Doo RXT,
2007 Kawasaki Ultra 250
Sponsors: PWCOFFSHORE.com, R&D, Hydro-Turf


Kim Bushong, Primary Race Craft:  Kawasaki ULTRA 250X 

Kim is a competitve world class athlete that has been riding and racing watercraft for 14 years.  A former top then finished of the Kona Hawaii Iron Man, Kim is an extrememly accomplished athlete.  Kim has multiple class Offshore National Championships including winning the overall for the vet master class in Tthe 2009 Triple Crown of Offshore.  2010 was highlighted by Kim winning the overall National Championship at the annual APBA Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race!  Kim is also on a competitive rowing team that travels internationally to compete against the best rowers the world has to offer.              

Aaron Cress: Technical Advisor, Dana Point, California PWCOFFSHORE Club Member Since 2007 

We seek out Aaron's expertise for guidance around the Kawasaki ULTRA platform.  Aaron is a passionate supporter of Kawasaki and of the offshore arena.  Aaron's guidance and feedback with regard to the ULTRA has been invaluable to our group.