Mark Hahn Race

Team Pastorello Wins The 2016 Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race!  Kawasaki wins yet again!
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Pit Crew Team Klippenstein wins the 2016 PWCOFFSHORE.COM Sponsored Best Pit Crew Award!

2015 Team PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Pit Crew Wins The Best Pit Crew Award at The 2015 Mark Hahn Race!
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Below, Craig Warner wins the 2014 Mark Hahn - Kawasaki

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The 2015 Mark Hahn Race is Scheduled for February 28, 2015

11th Annual Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn Memorial Havasu 300 Presented by YAMAHA
Set for February 28, 2015 in Lake Havasu, Arizona


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA – July 22, 2014: The date for The Eleventh Annual “World’s Longest Continuous PWC Race” was announced today by the event promoter Jim Russell, DSM Events owner, and Executive producer Mike Follmer. The 2015 Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn Memorial Presented by Yamaha Havasu 300 mile National Team Endurance Race is all set to launch on February 28, 2015 from Crazy Horse Campground in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The event will once again be sanctioned by the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA), and it is expected to draw a record number teams from around the globe as well as all of the top PWC racers from the US. The Teams will be competing against each other while trying to break the 300 mile record of 4 hours 31 minutes 24 seconds set by the 2014 Mark Hahn Memorial Overall winner Craig Warner Monster Energy Team Kawasaki. 

The race is being held again in the memory of endurance racer Mark Hahn who was instrumental in providing the momentum to keep endurance racing going strong and growing across the country before his untimely death during a PWC race in 2004. The “Team” format features two riders for runabout (sit down) boat teams and up to three riders for a stand-up craft. Solo riders are also welcome to “Ironman” the race on either style of boat, a real test of endurance and stamina reserved for only the true endurance zealots. The 2011 event was the second PWC event to use transponders in the United States and it was well received and helped to increase the professionalism of this national event. Transponders will be used in the 2015 event as well.

“The race is returning to Crazy Horse Campground’s Main Beach site for this very important event”, said Jim Russell, “and the 10 mile course we have approval from the Coast Guard will pit all the teams against the wind, rough water and long runs that this event has become synonymous with.” In addition to all the weather and water conditions all the teams have to contend with, they will also be required to make fuel stops, without spilling fuel, and make rider changes several times during the race, while modifying their race strategies as the race progresses. There will be six different classes competing on the race course simultaneously, with all the racers competing for the overall title. At the conclusion of the race, each class winning team will be crowned the IJSBA National Team Endurance Champion for their respective class. A first-class awards program with sit down dinner will once again be held at the Aquatic center Rods and Recs room.

After the gigantic success and worldwide recognition received in live Internet and press of the 2014 Mark Hahn Memorial, it is expected that a record number of US and International entries will come out for the 11th annual event. Mike Follmer said, “We’re gearing up to make the 2015 event outshine what we did for the 10th annual event in 2014 by getting more giveaways and even nicer trophies for the massive awards banquet at the Aquatic center that will far surpass what we did in 2014. We have on the water still photography and internet magazine coverage to chronicle the event for the riders. The awards banquet will feature a sit down dinner for over 300 plus people and over 60 award trophies to be presented to overall and class winners with a host of special awards that will again surprise their worthy recipients.” 

We are very fortunate to have Hot Products USA return as the title sponsor and our presenting sponsor Yamaha for the 2015 event as well as many other great sponsors that have helped support this exciting event. All of the pre-race attention and planning for the 2015 IJSBA Hot Products Mark Hahn Memorial Presented by Yamaha will guarantee that it will far surpass the previous years which have been heralded by many as the “Best PWC Offshore race of the year”! Get your teams together and your entry in early to make sure you don’t miss out on this great experience.

Pastorello Racing / Kawasaki Wins The 2015 Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race on the Kawasaki ULTRA 310R!

2015 Mark Hahn Race Top 10 
1. Bruno Pastorello/Botti – Kawasaki - France 
2. Mike Klippenstein – Yamaha - Canada 
3. Chassier/Prayas - Yamaha
4. Belikov - Yamaha
5. Riabko/Desmer - Yamaha
6. Girello/Granger - Yamaha
7. Cruz/San Martin - Kawasaki
8. Craig Warner - Kawasaki - USA
9. Mark Gerner/ KC Heidler - Kawasaki - USA
10. Beck/Fischetti - Yamaha - USA

2014 Mark Hahn Race Top Ten Finishers Overall:

 1. Craig Warner Kawasaki ULTRA 310R
 2. Filipe/Carlos Trurta Kawasaki
 3. Aero Answar/Guy Greenland Yamaha FZR
 4. Russell Marmon/ Sylvain Ente Kawasaki ULTRA
 5. Eugeni Kaliachkin / Igor Chernikm
 6. Mark Gerner / KC Heidler Kawasaki ULTRA 310R
 7. Eric Francis/Anya Colley Kawasaki ULTRA 300X
 8. Evelyn Managan/ Renee Hill Kawasaki
 9. Marc Balsaux / Philippe Engels Kawasaki
 10. Mike Adams / Carl Hauprich Kawasaki

Above: Craig Warner wins the 2104 Mark Hahn!

2014 Mark Hahn Overall Results Overall results link

2014: Separated by Class link


2016: Team Pastorello, Kawasaki ULTRA 310R 
2015: Pastorello / Botti Kawasaki ULTRA 310R
2014: Craig Warner, Kawasaki ULTRA 310R
2013: Bruno Pastorello / Chris MacClugage, KAWASAKI ULTRA 300X
2012: Bruno Pastorello / Ente Sylvain, KAWASAKI ULTRA 300X
2011: Carlier / Pastorello, KAWASAKI ULTRA 300X
2010: Victor Sheldon / Craig Warner, KAWASAKI ULTRA 260X 
2009:  Mark Gerner / Robert Carreon, KAWASAKI ULTRA 250X 
2008: Andy Wise / Bobby Hall, SEADOO RXP 
2007:  John Belton / Tracy Malan, ULTRA250X, KAWASAKI ULTRA 250X
2006:  Steve Friebe / Matt Legerski, SEADOO RXP
2005:  Mike Follmer / Billy Womack, YAMAHA

PWC / Jet Ski Manufacture Mark Hahn Championships / Winner Count:
Kawasaki: 9
Seadoo: 2
Yamaha: 1

Mark Hahn 300 Mile Iron-Man PWC Title Winners (Solo Racers):
2015:  Mike Klippenstein, Yamaha SVHO Turbo
2014: Craig Warner, Kawasaki ULTRA 310R 

2013: Craig Warner, Kawasaki ULTRA 300X 
2012: Russell Marmon, Kawasaki ULTRA 300X 
2011:  Aero Answar, Yamaha VXR NA
2009:  Ms. Shawn Alladio, Iron-Woman, Kawasaki ULTRA 250X
2008: Mark Gerner, Kawasaki ULTRA 250X
2007: Craig Warner, Kawasaki ULTRA 250X

2016 Mark Hahn Race Pictures, Coming soon! 
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2016: Team Pastorello, Kawasaki ULTRA 310R 
2015:  Team Pastorello, Kawasaki ULTRA 310R  
2014:  Craig Warner, Kawasaki ULTRA 310R
2013:  Bruno Pastorello / Chris MacClugage, Kawasaki ULTRA 300X
2012: Bruno Pastorello / Ente Sylvain, KAWASAKI ULTRA 300X
2011: Carlier / Bruno Pastorello, KAWASAKI ULTRA 300X
2010: Victor Sheldon / Craig Warner, KAWASAKI ULTRA 260X 
2009:  Mark Gerner / Robert Carreon, KAWASAKI ULTRA 250X 
2008: Andy Wise / Bobby Hall RXP, SEADOO RXP 
2007:  John Belton / Tracy Malan, ULTRA250X, KAWASAKI ULTRA 250X
2006:  Steve Friebe / Matt Legerski, SEADOO
2005:  Mike Follmer / Billy Womack, YAMAHA

 *IJSBA Membership- All riders (co-riders as well as primary riders) must hold a current
IJSBA membership. It is your responsibility to show your current card at registration. If you are
not a member, or your membership is not current you may pay for either a full year, or a single
event membership at registration. This must be done prior to being arm-banded for the event.
Membership for the year is $45, for the one day is $25. The IJSBA is declaring this an open
event and allowing current APBA members to race without joining the IJSBA. You must present
your current APBA membership card at registration or you must pay the IJSBA fee. There will

The 2011 Hot Products APBA Mark Hahn Memorial Havasu 300 Mile Team Endurance Race

February 26, 2011 Sponsored by Hot Products, Hydro-Turf, Techone, Walts Motorsports, R&D; Racing Products, RIVA, SeaDoo, Kommander Industries, Clawsons Motorsports, Looter Productions, Discount Tire, Yamaha Motor Corp. USA Inc.
Promoted by DSM Events, Jim Russell and Staff
Race Director: Ross Wallach
Safety and Tech Inspector: Eric Graff

The Kawasaki Platform Takes Its Third Consecutive Mark Hahn 300 Havasu Title.

The Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race is raced every year in memory of fallen endurance racer Mark Hahn. Racers can race Personal Watercraft (PWC’s) solo called Iron Man/Woman or two man teams. Stand-up Jet Skis can race as a single racer or up to three man teams on Stand-ups. Endurance athletes
traveled to Lake Havasu, Az USA from all over the globe to participate in this coveted endurance event. 2011 brought more international racers than any Mark Hahn Race in the race’s history. Belgium, France, Japan, The United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia and others were represented at the race.

Rain was on the forecast and the winds were blowing from the South resulting in essentially two desperate races, flat on the East side of the course and rough on the West side of the course. Looking at the course from the hot fueling Pits, one would think the course was flat. This was not the case. As the racers progressed down the first leg to the first turn conditions would get rougher followed by confused chop around turn one with wind waves down the backstretch between turn two and three. The weather held out until the final lap of the race as the rain started to cross the lake. The water was cold and the winds were in the 10-20 mph range resulting in white caps and 32 mph winds on the back leg of the course providing a greater challenge to endurance racers. 

Mechanicals would take out almost all of the favored American Race Teams, Incumbent 2010 Mark Hahn 2010 Champion Craig Warner of Monster Kawasaki would suffer a mechanical on his Kawasaki 300X taking him out of the race, 2009 Mark Hahn Champions Mark Gerner and Robert Carreon of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing would break an intake grate on their Piston Kawasaki resulting in a full hour off the course but they would return to avoid the DNF, and 2006 Mark Hahn Champion Steve Friebe of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing teamed up with Sean Conner also suffered a mechanical early in the race taking them out of contention. Team Follmer and Beck who won the Mark Hahn in 2005 would keep their craft functional even after experiencing a mechanical during the final five laps of the race. This left the European Teams battling it out on the course. Nicolas Ruis was on a blistering fast Turbo Yamaha that was screaming across the course at speeds that looked like they were in excess of 85 mph, he too would suffer a mechanical late in the race taking his Yamaha out of contention. With all remaining major teams out, French racers Pastorello and Carlier would go on to take the victory racing their Kawasaki ULTRA 300X with an impressive time of 4 hours 37 minutes and 8 seconds. Congratulations are in order for their win in only their second attempt at a Mark Hahn 300 Championship!

The Ente / Maeck Team would take second racing their Kawasaki 300X. Aero put in an impressive performance racing the R&D; Yamaha VXR N/A Motor and the Iron Man taking 7th overall. KMG Racing would put in an impressive performance with Dawn Fekete completing the race Iron Woman style and the Bobby Kerns and Aaron Sanchez Team taking the overall Standup Title racing his Kawasaki SXR800.

The Best Pit Crew Award is awarded to the Pit Crew that demonstrates the best teamwork, safety and speed in the pits. The 2011 award went to Team Mike Follmer consisting of Travis Farnsworth Ryan Farnsworth Mike Neiezgodzki, Earl Goudreau and Edward from Walts. Congratulations!

Answay won the 4 Stroke NA Class, Ente Maeck won the 4 Stroke Super Stock Class, Ferrin / Frink won the Manufacturer Stock Class, Pastorello / Carlier won the Pro/Am 4 Stroke Class. Stand-up: Bobby Kerns and Aaron Sanchez won the overall Standup Class, and the Conroy team won the Vet Master Class.

With the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X winning the 2011 Mark Hahn, Kawasaki continues to dominate offshore and endurance racing. Kawasaki has won three consecutive times at the Mark Hahn and three consecutive wins at the Prestigious APBA Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race, including the 2009 overall Triple Crown of Offshore (TCO). Kawasaki has won four of the seven Mark Hahn 300 Mile Races.

The next highly anticipated race is the Dana Point, Ca USA to Avalon and Back Offshore Race on March 27, 2011. This will be the first of the three APBA Triple Crown of Offshore (TCO) race series. Entry form and information available here:

Pit Crew: 


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The intent of this page is to provide logistical information for the 2011 Mark Hahn Race. 
We will update this page with Mark Hahn Race information as we receive it. The event promoter is DSM Events and the Executive Producer is Mike Follmer.

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In Memory of Mr. Mark Hahn, Your Legacy Lives On


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