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PWCOFFSHORE.COM Ups The Ante For Offshore PWC / JetSki Racing   

PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Racers are selected as the best of the best in offshore racing.  These are extremely accomplished offshore racing athletes that have committed to specific offshore and endurance races throughout the year.  These are the most committed and offshore race focused racers that PWCOFFSHORE.COM has to offer.  Congratulations are in order for KC Heidler, Craig Warner Mark Gerner and the 2014 selection of Russell Marmon of the United Kingdom for their racer selections to the CORE group.  


Craig Warner of Southern California USA.
  Honorary Member Craig Warner is arguably the best offshore PWC / JetSki racer in the world.  With countless successes in individual races throughout the years, Craig has accumulated four IJSBA World Championship Titles, four LB2CAT Offshore National Championship Titles (greatest number of overall LB2CAT victories), Western States Series Champion, California and Arizona State Champion, National Tour High-points Champion; Craig Warner is now “the man to attempt to beat” in any offshore race he enters.  Craig Warner is a multiple overall winner of the Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile race (with Victor Sheldon), a two time Iron Man winner at the Mark Hahn 300 mile race - the first racer in history to win the overall Mark Hahn 300 mile race as an Iron Man (single) racer in 2014, 2012 Triple Crown of Offshore Champion and a Monster Energy Kawasaki Sponsored Racer.  Craig is also an accomplished Motocross and Snowmobile racer. 

Below, Craig Warner at 2013 Long Beach to Catalina and Back Race aka "The LB2CAT" - Overall Champion

Below, Craig Warner at 2013 LB2CAT - Champion  

Craig Warner, Monster Energy Kawasaki, many are saying he is the best - ever.  You be the judge.    

Below, Kawasaki's Joe Heim and Craig Warner after Overall Triple Crown Victory!  
Below, Craig Warner wins the overall 2014 Mark Hahn Race 300 Mile Race, Iron Man

Below, Craig Warner, LB2CAT DVD Cover - Kawasaki US Headquarters, photo by PWCOFFSHORE.COM 

Mark Gerner of Southern California, USA.
  A former Marine Corps Infantry Officer and endurance athlete with a number of marathons completed in his career.  In addition to individual race successes, Mark is a Triple Crown of Offshore overall Champion, a podium finisher at the Triple Crown of Offshore, Mark Hahn 300 mile race overall Champion (with Robert Carreon), Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race Iron Man winner, voted offshore Racer of the Year in 2009, and a three time podium (2nd place) finisher of the Long Beach to Catalina and Back Race Offshore National Championship Race behind Monster Energy Kawasaki's Craig Warner.  An offshore racing purest and aggressive offshore racer, Gerner has completed in excess of 200 cross channel transits from Long Beach to Catalina and back. Mark is president of the AWA PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Club, founder of PWCOFFSHORE.COM and PWCOFFSHORE.COM team leader.

KC Heidler of Southern California, USA.  An accomplished Iron Man Triathlete and hockey player.  In addition to many individual race successes over the years, KC Heidler is a three time IJSBA Veteran Master World Champion, Pro Western States Cup Arena Cross Tour Champion, a two-time podium finisher at the Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race, podium finisher at the Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race, and a two time 2nd place podium Triple Crown of Offshore finisher.  An accomplished business owner and entrepreneur, KC Heidler brings tremendous class, racing prowess and energy to PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing.           

KC Heidler of PWCOFFSHORE CORE at the 2013 LB2CAT Offshore National Championship:

Below, KC Heidler at 2013 LB2CAT Race

Russell Marmon of the United Kingdom (Scroll down for the full bios): 

PWCOFFSHORE.COM is pleased to announce that UK Champion, AquaX Champion, 2014 Martinique Champion, Mark Hahn Podium Finisher, Mark Hahn 300 Iron Man winner, and the list goes on.... Mr. Russell Marmon of the United Kingdom has been selected and will join the PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Race Team comprised of Mark Gerner, KC Heidler and Monster Energy Kawasaki's Craig Warner! Russell Marmon will be racing PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing’s #66.

With over 23 years’ experience, Russell Marmon is one of the best endurance and offshore racers in the world. Russell Marmon’s dominance of offshore and endurance racing has been evident and consistent, earning the respect of his fellow racers across the globe. Russell Marmon remains a great ambassador and advocate for endurance and offshore racing. PWCOFFSHORE.COM Founder and fellow CORE Team Racer Mark Gerner said “We are incredibly selective regarding inclusion into the Team. I am excited to welcome Russell to the CORE Team and excited to have such a capable, mature racer & athlete representing PWCOFFSHORE CORE Team in the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond.” PWCOFFSHORE.COM polled the race community regarding who the best endurance & offshore racer was in the UK and literally 100% of the votes were for Russell Marmon. This is no surprise. Russell is not only an elite athlete and racer, he is also committed to being an advocate for and passionate regarding the growth of offshore and endurance racing across the globe. Always humble, Russell Marmon said “I am honored to be selected to the CORE Team! I am utterly flattered by the recognition. I consider myself a normal bloke enjoying my sport and have never looked at myself and thought I was something special. I just tried so hard and failed many times but never gave up - that's all I did. Again I am truly honored to be selected to the PWCOFFSHORE Racing CORE TEAM!”

Please join us in congratulating Russell Marmon!

Below, Mark Gerner of PWCOFFSHORE CORE Racing: 

KC Heidler, Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race Podium finisher - 2012

Craig Warner on the Podium, Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race 

Below, Mark Gerner prior to the Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race
Below, KC Heidler at the Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race 


Mark Gerner Primary Race Craft:  Kawasaki ULTRA 310 TURBO     

Mark is truly passionate about offshore endurance riding, racing and the growth of the sport.  Most people who know Mark know him as a Type-A workaholic who usually has a cell phone attached to his ear.  He believes in working hard and playing hard, very few things are pursued at half speed with Mark.  When the weekend comes, he loves to blow off the steam that his business week usually generates through hard core offshore endurance riding.  There are few things in life that Mark enjoys more than riding offshore with a group of riders that are equally passionate about aggressive offshore riding and racing.  Mark is known to ride with a great deal of intensity.         

Mark is a former Marine Corps Infantry Officer who participated in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm (CRC10).  He also deployed to most of Europe, Israel and  North Africa.  He has served in Fortune Ten companies in varying management and executive level roles; he is currently engaged in Business Development for a fast moving technology company.     Mark has been riding offshore for 18 years, almost exclusively offshore off the coast of  Southern California.  He loves the aggressive “hard core” nature of riding hard in the ocean, especially in rough water.  He rarely rides the lakes or rivers; the Havasu trips involve racing the Mark Hahn 300 mile endurance race.    
Race History and Highlights:  Mark is a veteran of the LB2CAT and has completed the  Long Beach to Catalina and back race multiple times.  After a mechanical took out Mark's RXT just before the 2006 LB2CAT, he was still able to finish second in his class on his backup Yamaha 1200 XLT.  In 2007, Mark broke the infamous 60 minute mark with a round trip time to Catalina and back of 58.01 and came in 9th in Pro Am 1 Class.  Mark won the Veteran class in the 2007 Long Beach Sprint Nationals.  The 2007 Mark Hahn race challenged him with a mechanical issue that resulted in him missing the first 60 minutes of the race.  After fixing his craft, Mark was still able to complete over 20 Iron Man laps in the remaining few hours of the race!  2008 Mark Hahn 300 mile race, winner of the Mark Hahn 300 Mile Iron Man for greatest number of Iron Man (single rider) laps.  2008 LB2CAT Offshore National Championship:  Gerner took a launch while in third place only to return in top ten in ProAm Class.  2009 Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race National Championship Overall Winner (with partner Robert Carreon).  PROAM Winner at the 2009 Mark Hahn 300.  2009 Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint, 9th Overall  (mechanical), 2009 LB2CAT Offshore National Championship 2nd overall and second in PROAM, 2009 Dana Point to Oceanside and Back Race 5th overall, 2009 Overall Triple Crown of Offshore Race Champion, voted by peers as the 2009 Triple Crown Offshore Racer of the Year. November 2010 DJSA Enduro Overall race winner, April 2011 DJSA Enduro Overall Race winner, 2011 Dana Point to Avalon and Back 2nd Overall and 2nd in PROAM Class, 2011 Dana Point to Oceanside and Back 2nd Overall and 2nd in the PROAM Class.  2011 LB2CAT Offshore Natl. Championship leading the race with only 1/4 of a mile from the Queen's Gate Entrance back into Long Beach Harbor and experienced a mechanical taking him out of the race.  7th Place overall at the 2012 Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race (raced as an Iron Man / single racer). 4th in PRO Class.  2nd place overall behind Craig Warner at the 2012 Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore national Championship Race and podium finisher for the Triple Crown.  2013 Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race, 2nd overall behind Craig Warner. 9th overall at the Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race.  Mark is the President of the AWA PWCOFFSHORE Club.            

Mark has been an athlete all of his life.  He has engaged in weightlifting, competitive cross country running and mountain bike racing.  
Running - Marathons:  4, Ten Mile Running Races:  4, 10K’s:  Multiple (one of which he won 1st in his class).  Mountain Bike Racing - “Twenty-Four Hours of Adrenalin” Races:  4.  

Mark was selected to be one of the 2006 WaterCraftWorld Magazine Dream Demo Riders.  This experience provided him with the unique opportunity of riding literally every product on the market.  He has owned the Yamaha WaveVenture 1100, Yamaha 1200XLT, 2005 SeaDoo RXT, 2007 RXT, the 2007 Kawasaki ULTRA 250X and the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X.  Pictured below - Mark at the 2009 Long Beach to Catalina Offshore National Championship Race where he came in second place overall: 


Given that Mark rides every weekend, he estimates that he has done the  Long Beach to Catalina and back ride well over 200 times (at least).  As many are aware, there are very few people who have done the Catalina round trip over a hundred times (let alone ever a single time).  This experience, knowledge and offshore expertise that he has generated through these multiple full throttle Catalina rides has been invaluable and the basis for much of the content on          

Sponsors:, R&D, Hydro-Turf, Fly Racing  
Mark Gerner at LB2CAT Race:

KC Heidler:  Primary race craft, Kawasaki 310X

About three time IJSBA Vet-Master World Champion Kevin C. Heidler:

Early Years

Kevin Charles Heidler, (K.C.), was born and raised in Orange County, CA.  Always athletic, K.C. was involved in many school sports and outside water sport activities such as water skiing, surfing and fishing.

In the early 1970’s, the Heidler Family was able to acquire a hunting and fishing lodge on the Colorado River in Lake Havasu, CA.  It was on the Chemehuevi Indian Reservation and was available for a long term lease.  The Heidlers restored the lodge and used it for many years as a rustic getaway for family and friends.

The location of the Havasu property led to many hours of hunting, fishing, riding motorcycle and driving off road vehicles.  It was there, however, that K.C. realized his passion for jet skiing and soon spent the majority of his time at Havasu on the river.  He was known to spend hours at a time jetting all around the river on his stand up Kawasaki 440.  His favorite thing to do was to test his endurance.  On a regular basis during his teenage years, K.C. would take a solo ride on his stand up jet ski from Havasu to Laughlin, much to the dismay of his worried mother.  He made this trip numerous times during his tenure at the lodge.

Business Life

When not testing his jet ski endurance, K.C. graduated from Villa Park High School in Villa Park, CA and went on to the University of Arizona where he graduated with a Business Degree, majoring in Marketing. K.C. was also a Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity member, as was his father before him.

After graduating, K.C. moved back to California and worked for Hertz Corporation, selling large construction equipment.   When the opportunity arose, K.C. partnered with his father starting commercial truck dealerships in Santa Ana, CA.  K.C. expanded the business by adding car dealerships and more truck dealerships. Through his experience in the marketing area, K.C. expanded the internet business for the dealerships and also started his own Internet marketing business for auto and truck parts sales.  He presently sits on several industry boards and is active in the local Santa Ana community.

Sports Life

Besides continuing his Jet Ski passion, K.C. has stayed very active with other sports.  He is member of a Ice Hockey team that plays weekly during the ongoing season.  He participates in Ironman and Olympic distance Triathlons throughout the Western U.S. and continues with daily workouts including running, biking, swimming and weights.

Racing Life

In 1998, he met his now long time friend, Tom Cruz, during the Long Beach to Catalina race.  K.C. had purchased a Kawasaki Ultra and had made the decision to run the race.  Unfortunately, the race that year was postponed due to fog.  The race was changed to more of a ‘super course’.  He was soon hooked on the intensity of this type of side by side racing.  During his workout stints at the gym, he was also fortunate enough to meet one of the trainers, Lisa Messenger, who was a long time Pro Women’s Stand up racer.  With her expertise, Lisa started training K.C. to race a closed course.

He soon purchased a Yamaha GP 1200R and started racing the closed course as a novice stock.  To get the best possible performance out of the Yamaha, he invited his long time friend, Peewee Price, to be his crew chief.  After hours of modification and testing, Peewee created a PWC that could compete with the best.  With this improved watercraft, K.C. quickly moved up to the Pro Class and traveled throughout the U.S., focusing on the Western states, racing at some of the bigger races.  Along the way, K.C. decided to re-enter the world of endurance racing as a pro, his first passion.  His favorite race remains the Long Beach to Catalina venue.

Starting his PWC racing career in his 30’s brought recognition that competing with the Pro’s during the year was a challenge while still running his businesses.  Although he saw success, his ultimate opportunity to capture World Championship would be to race the Veteran’s Class at the WorlKC Heidler d Finals.  The plan was laid and the training began to reach this goal.

K.C. raced the Veteran’s Class very successfully, capturing three World Titles in 2002, 2003 and 2005.  In 2006, K.C. won the Pro Western States Cup Arena Cross Tour.  Podium finish at the 2011 Dana Point to Oceanside and Back Race, Podium finish at the 2011 Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race, 2nd place overall finish at the 2011 Triple Crown of Offshore series.  3rd place overall with partner Tom Cruz at 2012 Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race.  KC is a two-time podium finisher at the LB2CAT Offshore National Championship Race, and a two-time podium finisher of the Triple Crown of Offshore.  KC Heidler was awarded the 2013 PWCOFFSHORE Warrior Award for his performance on the race course and for his actions as an ambassador for offshore racing.   
Below, KC Heidler

Russell Marmon of the United Kingdom, Selected in 2014.  Primary Race Craft Kawasaki ULTRA 310X

The PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Race Team is pleased to select Russell Marmon of the United Kingdom as the fourth member of the PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Race Team.  Congratulations are in order for this accomplished endurance and offshore racing champion for his selection to this elite group of racers consisting of Mark Gerner, KC Heidler and Craig Warner.  Russell’s background is known for one of excellence, multiple championships, podium placements and for being a leader within the endurance and offshore racing community.   

About Russell Marmon:  

After years of owning water ski boats and unsuccessfully trying to tempt friends to brave the cold, wet weather to share the experience, he bought his very first PWC - it was a brand new Seadoo 1991 XP two stroke with 60hp the; most powerful on the market at the time.  The craft came with no sponsons and had a habit of turning 180 degrees and throwing its unsuspecting rider off!  Each year Russell would buy the next model with modest power increases and found out quickly he could break virtually everything inside and outside of the machine.  Alas how all of us at PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing understand this concept!   

As time went on, bigger and better machines would emerge with bigger fuel tanks and longer range.  Russell and a close friend decided to cross the English Channel to the French side and the channel island of Jersey.  This venture was on national TV news as no one had ever accomplished this on a PWC before.  This ride was approximately one hundred miles each way so the racers encountered quite an adventure on such a small 1996 Seadoo GSX, all ridden in open sea, out of sight of land utilizing just a rudimentary iteration GPS and compass to guide them in through their journey.

Russell’s first experience with organized racing was in 1998, piloting the Seadoo GTX with 130 hp.  Amazing how in only seven years the horsepower had doubled. The first Africa Jet Raid consisted of one thousand miles over a week; starting in the African interior taking racers through the Senegal River system to Saint Louis, the capital of Senegal on the coast of Africa and the Atlantic Ocean through some incredibly rough surf called the ambrochure.  The entrance where the Senegal River meets the Atlantic Ocean is treacherous and a hard core ride even by today's standards.  Russell recalls that he had never ridden in such rough conditions with breaking waves, cork screwing behind the craft on full power with pilots struggling to keep in front of these breaking waves and attempting to avoid being wiped out.  On that particular race Russell was the only competitor to both start and finish the race as all the other racers including two osprey rigid inflatable security boats were turned over and washed up on the beaches.  Russell, a humble man states that he “was lucky.”  We believe it was more than luck; it was Russell’s iron will and determination to win.   

Russell Marmon’s racing was starting to get the recognition it deserved.  Russell was sponsored by the Seadoo Importers for the UK and then after racing in the French Endurance series, Marmon was taken on as an official Seadoo Factory race pilot for five years under the race directorship and legend Franco Dettori who works and runs the Rotax racing arm of Seadoo at the Austrian engine plant.  Russell’s two team mates are also legends; Franky Zapata and Cyrille Lemoine.  Franky designed and very successfully sells the Flyboard and Cyrille, while still racing very successfully with the UIM World Championship Aquabike Series. 

The Island of Oleron in France used to be the World’s largest endurance race and amazing spectacle.  The race boasted the biggest and best with over 450 riders on the start line.  Russell recalls that he started at the same time in several different categories of which each category had well over one hundred entries in each one.  A win here is a significant achievement, one which he regrets he never saw.  Russell recalls the year he was in the overall lead and had a fuel pump failure less than a mile from the finish!  Another year after leading two of the three days Russell had only needed to come sixth to win and his sponson broke through the hull on the last race and sunk the machine. It’s a brutal 65 mile race around the island.  On one of the days they went clockwise three laps and the other racers went counter-clockwise.  400 sea miles on the Atlantic and sheltered high speed sections between the island and main land so many times he entered in great positions only to fail with mechanical problems.  Yes, a love-hate relationship with that race for Russell Marmon. 

In 2004 Russell Marmon was racing in Lake Garabit in the French Endurance Championships leading and again in sight of the finish line when his supercharger bearing broke and the machine stopped.  Under tow from security, two Kawasaki riders headed down racing behind his craft.  One crashed into him at top speed hitting him at around (we estimate) 70 mph.  Marmom was thrown forward, chest smash into the steering resulting in the steering being completely broken off and throwing Russell though the air around twenty meters.  The Kawasaki that hit Marmon did what was essentially a ski jump ramp on him and flew many meters through the air over Marmon.  Marmon sustained 8 pelvic fractures, pelvis disconnected left to right, broken back in five areas internal bleeding and weeks in the hospital bolting Marmon back together again.  Nerve damage resulted in Marmon not being able to walk and having to learn how to do so all over again.  Russell states “It was the lowest time of my life being in a wheel chair for three months and not knowing the future - all I remember from the incident at the time was the rotors of the emergency helicopter turning and being able to move my toes, since my toes moved I guessed I was not too bad – then being sick over the poor doctor in the chopper!”  Marmon's iron will would bring him back.....  

The turning point from riding the Seadoo to the Kawasaki came in 2010 when Marmon entered the African Euro Jet Raid on the new style 260 RXTX (within 10 years the horsepower doubled again!) The race was from Mucia in Spain down South across the strait of Gibraltar to Morocco in North Africa.  The Seadoo’s three engine mounting design was not up the job in the rough seas and he kept breaking the motor mountings due to misalignment.  He damaged the drive line and was taking in a lot of water.  Therefore Marmon had to retire from the race in Morocco, but on one stage he was amazed to see one of the Kawasaki ultra 260 boats complete and win a stage without its ride plate!!   The rider who he knows said he removed it to check his pump and forgot to tighten the bolts properly and then went on to win a stage of the race without the plate! 

Marmon was told many times by others that he would be very successful if only he had a machine that would stay together.  This is when it started; the turn to Kawasaki was not taken lightly as Marmon was very loyal to the Seadoo brand and had a very long history with them, "too long" he says. Along came his very first ultra – the 2011 Kawasaki ULTRA 300x and resulted in a constant string of victories!  At last, a machine that was capable of taking hard and prolonged sea riding at very respectable average speeds with very few problems.  In his mind, the ULTRA  was a masterpiece of engineering that could excel at every race event - the rougher the better, even at flat water events like the Havasu 300 this boat has won and placed high in all categories for years even with (on paper) faster machines against it. 

Russell is a humble man and hesitant to talk about his myriad of championships and race wins as he states that he “competes for the love of the sport, overcoming all the difficulties and never giving up when all is against you the amazing people in it, the incredible advances in power, speed, safety and handling the feeling of flying through the air long distances at high speed, competing in fantastic locations around the world, it makes me feel alive that's why I do it.” 

Trust us when we tell you, the list of Championships for Russell Marmon would take another page to complete.  Russell Marmon’s track record of success makes him one of the best offshore and endurance racers in the world.

Below, Craig Warner wins the Triple Crown!

Below, Mark Gerner at the LB2CAT 
Mark Gerner at DJSA Race

Mark Gerner at DJSA Race

Below KC Heidler at LB2CAT

Below, Mark Gerner at 2010 LB2CAT

Below, Craig Warner at LB2CAT

Below, Craig Warner at The LB2CAT