PWCOFFSHORE STICKERS and race numbers     

PWCOFFSHORE will be providing race numbers and side banner stickers for sale for watercraft.  Banner stickers are defined as the large stickers that are placed on the side-hulls of your watercraft.  They are full sized “banner” stickers that will take up the majority of the the side hull of your craft.

Available Colors: 

Black, White, Fire Engine Red, and Cardinal Red (Cardinal is the best match we have for Kawasaki Red), Lime Green (the best match we have for Kawasaki Greed), and Silver-Gray (looks like silver….).

What do you get?  Two custom made full size side banner stickers, one for each side-hull of your craft

Materials:  High quality Oracal or Vector Cast Film High Performance Stickers

Price:  89.99 plus 9.00 shipping and handling (pus California Sales Tax for Ca Residents).  

Carbon Fiber is 112.00.  Please note that the material is not real Carbon Fiber, it is Carbon Fiber lookalike material that costs us big money…. It is gray/black/silver.   The cost will be 112.00 plus 9.00 shipping and handling.

Process for making an order:

1.        Send an email to with your intent to purchase PWCOFFSHORE.COM BANNER STICKERS.  Please let us know if you want it to say PWCOFFSHORE.COM only or have "RACING" underneath PWCOFFSHORE.COM

2.       Provide the name, make and year of your craft with the color you want produced.

3.       Provide your mailing address (this will be where your stickers will be mailed).       

4.       Upon receipt of your email request,  PWCOFFSHORE will send you a PayPal for the cost of your sticker package.  Once PWCOFFSHORE receives your payment, production and shipping will take place.

5.       For a limited time only, PWCOFFSHORE will send bonus PWCOFFSHORE Stickers to those who make orders.  

PWCOFFSHORE’s email is

All sales are final, no returns exchanges or color changes

Example pictures of banner stickers below:


  1. Up to 14 inches tall and as long (wide) as you want them to fit the front of your craft.
  2. We offer the race numbers in ONE font only.  Look at he 58 number on the back picture on this page (or below), that is the font you will receive, no options.  Why?  It is the best font we have for visibility.  
  3. Please send an email to stating the color you want and dimensions (in inches) that you want covered with your entire number (s).  Example, if you look at the picture below, the top left of the "5" to the right lateral limit of the "8" is the width / length of your number.
  4. Don't wait until the last minute prior to a race to order. 
  5. Race numbers are 49.00 plus shipping.