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February, 2013:  Pastorello and Macc win the 2013 Mark Hahn Race, Kawasaki ULTRA 300X     
December, 2012:  Mark Gerner and John Belton take on the open ocean from Santa Barbara, Ca to San Diego via Avalon in one day (a route never done before) to support three charities.  Story here:  http://pwcoffshoreracing.blogspot.com/2012/12/support-our-warriors-pwc-jetski-ride.html
September, 2012:  Craig Warner wins the 2012 Triple Crown of Offhore Series - Kawasaki ULTRA 300X.  PWCOFFSHORE Racing sweeps the podium for the Triple Crown      
July of 2012:  Craig Warner wins the 2012 PWCOFFSHORE.COM Warrior Award  
July, 2012:  Craig Warner Wins the 2012 Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship
Feb 23, 2011 - Pasto wins the 2011 Mark Hahn Endurance Race.  Congratulations Pastorello and the French PWC Team.



The annual PWCOFFSHORE.COM Warrior Award is awarded to the member of PWCOFFSHORE Racing that best demonstrates the core values of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Sponsored Racing. They are integrity, a collaborative spirit, inclusiveness and being tenacious on the race course. They demonstrate "Strength & Honor" both on and off the race course. This is the most prestigious award that PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing awards to their racers.

The 2010 Warrior Award has been awarded to Mr. John Belton of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing. PWCOFFSHORE.COM is committed to both growing offshore racing and seeking excellence on the race course. John Belton has executed to this end for years both on and off the race course with humility, respect for others, class and an unconquerable spirit on the race course.

John has been riding and racing watercraft for over 25 years; an athlete with an indomitable spirit, Belton leads by example. John is an avid motorcyclist, mariner, sailboat racer, marathon runner, basketball player and Offshore PWC / Jet Ski Racer. There is nobody more experienced than Belton in negotiating The Long Beach to Catalina Channel on a PWC, this is validated by over 650 cross channel transits on a PWC. Yes, over 650, 58-mile round trip transits. There is no other PWC Racer even remotely close to that number of Long Beach to Catalina and Back runs. This experience and knowhow has resulted in John's nickname "The Master" of the channel. A class act to all, mentor to many, man of integrity this is John Belton.

Congratulations John Belton for the tremendous success and thank you for your knowledge and contribution you have provided to Offshore PWC / Jet Ski Racing.

2010 PWCOFFSHORE.COM Warrior Award Winner: Mr. John Belton

2009 PWCOFFSHORE.COM Warrior Award Winner: Ms. Shawn Alladio




9/26/2010:  Lee Phan wins the Dana Point to Oceanise and the 2010 TCO! 

7/2010: Kim Bushong of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing wins the 2010 Long Beach to Catalina and Back LB2CAT Offshore National Championship

3/28/2010:  Chris Maccluggage of MACC Racing wins the 2010 Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint Racing his Yamaha SHO.

2/2010: Craig Warner and Victor Sheldon win the 2010 Mark Hahn Race 300 Mile Race Racing the   Kawasaki ULTRA 260X and the team set a new record time.   

11/2009:  Mark Gerner wins the 2009 Overall Triple Crown of Offshore.  Technicians are Aaron Cress and Steve Friebe

11/2009:  Pat Roque wins the 2009 Dana Point to Oceanside and Back Ofshore PWC Race

7/2009: Craig Warner wins his seconod consecutive Long Beach to Catalina Offshore National Championship!

4/6/2009:  Lee Phan of Southern California wins the 2009 Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint Race.  Congratulations Lee Phan and SeaDoo RXT!   Also congratulations to Steve Friebe, the Technician for the winning craft! 
3/6/2009:  For Immediate Release:

March 6, 2009

2009 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile Race

PWCOFFSHORE Racing Takes 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Overall & the Ironwoman at the 2009 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile PWC Endurance Race.

Race Date: February 28, 2009

The annual Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile APBA Sanctioned PWC Race was held in Lake Havasu City, Az. on March 28, 2009. The race is run every year in memory of fallen PWC endurance racer Mark Hahn who passed during a race in 2004.

54 teams and the biggest names in both PWC endurance and offshore racing from Europe and the United States convened to take on the grueling 300 mile PWC race. The Mark Hahn can be run as a two racer team or as an Ironman or Ironwoman (solo racer). This race is unique due to the personal endurance, strategy and a well oiled pit crew required to be successful. Although the previous week's weather was mild resulting in 78 degree temperatures and flat water, racers awoke on the morning of the 28th to 32 mile per hour winds and rough conditions. Racers reported three and four foot wave conditions on the race course resulting in a true test for physical fitness and machine.

Over six hours later, there was an exciting finish with Team Robert Carreon and Mark Gerner of PWCOFFSHORE.com Racing on their Green Kawasaki ULTRA 250X taking the lead by passing fellow PWCOFFSHORE Racer Paul Pham's and Pat Roque on their ailing SeaDoo RXT to win the race.

Roque and Pham were given the award for top SeaDoo to cross the line for their 2nd place overall finish. "The race was a test of mechanical and physical endurance" said Robert Carreon, "The Kawi ran consistently through the first half of the race, then as the race progressed and the wind conditions subsided somewhat, the Kawi really stepped up and started to fly." Mark Gerner said "we brought two boats with us, Robert’s ULTRA 250X for rough water and a Steve Friebe-enhanced, exceptionally fast SeaDoo RXT for flat water. "We made the decision to go with the Kawi ULTRA 250X when we got up in the morning to find the wind blowing at more than 30 mph, it definitely turned out to be the right decision."

Gerner went on to say that "I have to take my hat off to the ULTRA 250X, The race was very rough—it really demonstrated that that boat is the one for rough water." Both Gerner and Carreon were passionate about recognizing their pit crew. "our entire pit crew, led by Aaron Cress, played a major role in the win - also thank you to The Southern California Watercraft Club for stepping up in the pits.”

Gerner took the lead on the final 10-mile lap passing the team of Paul Pham and Pat Roque, who finished second aboard their extremely fast Sea-Doo RXT but was struggling with a mechanical issue at the end of the race. "The sea sate favored the offshore racer" said Carreon, "four of the top five spots were won by offshore racers."

Gerner, founder of PWCOFFSHORE.com echoed Robert's sentiments and was pleased to see four of the top five spots go to PWCOFFSHORE. "I'm very proud of the determination demonstrated by this team" said Gerner. Gerner was exceptionally proud of the overall 3rd place finisher and Ironwoman winner Shawn Alladio of K38 Water Safety fame, the newest member of PWCOFFSHORE Racing. Alladio raced the entire 30 laps on her stock Kawasaki ULTRA 250X without a teammate, Ironwoman style. She finished in 6 hours, 19 minutes. “That’s the real deal as far as I’m concerned,” said Gerner, who competed Ironman in the previous two years at the Hahn. “Running in those conditions and doing as many laps as Alladio did, that’s endurance racing and merits a great deal of respect.”

Iron Man Tri-athlete Kim Bushong of PWCOFFSHORE (top ten finisher in the Kona, HI Iron Man) teamed with Dave "Pirate" Tew of Southern California and took home the overall Vet Master Championship and the 5th Overall spot; this was Lordback Racing's first big win.

The awards banquet exceeded all expectations with dinner and beautiful trophy awards. "Honestly, Carreon and I just feel very honored to have had the opportunity to share the course with so many extremely talented racers and to race in Mark Hahn’s honor,” Gerner said. “It was a rough, technical race. It was the most difficult Mark Hahn competition I’ve done—the offshore training Robert Carreon and I do definitely helped. I’d also like to thank Mike Follmer of Mike Follmer Specialties & Yamaha, Ross Wallach of R.P.M Racing Enterprises and Jim Russell of DSM Events for putting on a fantastic race - this is a great event and we encourage people to come out and race in this annual competition.” Mr. Mark Hahn, your legacy lives on.

PWCOFFSHORE wishes to thank their sponsors for their great race support.. They are R&D Racing Products, HYDRO-TURF, OTB Boots, Liquid Militia Clothing, PWCOFFSHORE.com Racing. PWCOFFSHORE also wishes to recognize and thank Florida Team Moto for their support

2009 Upcoming Races:
April 5, 2009 - The APBA Dana Point, Ca to Avalon Offshore Sprint
July 12, 2009 - The Annual APBA Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship "LB2CAT" entry forms available at

Top 5 teams At The 2009 Mark Hahn: 1. Robert Carreon/Mark Gerner, 30 laps, 6:05:31, Kawasaki Ultra 250X 2. Paul Pham/Pat Roque, 30 laps, 6:06:57, Sea-Doo RXT 3. Shawn Alladio, 30 laps, 6:19:09, Kawasaki Ultra 250X (Ironwoman winner)4. Jean-Bruno Pastorello, 29 laps, 6:06:56, Kawasaki Ultra 250X 5. Kim Bushong/David Tew, 29 laps, 6:19:09, Kawasaki Ultra 250X

Congratulations Kawasaki for four of the top five spots!

8/2008: GFORCE wins the Florida Offshore Challenge, takes first and second

8/2008: NorCal wins the NorCal /SoCal Shootout on the closed course!  Congrats NorCal!  Lee Phan wins the endurace race.

7/2008: Craig Warner wins the 2008 LB2CAT!  GFORCE Takes 2nd and third!

7/2008: Check out the July/current issue of Personal Watercraft Illustrated. Magazine (PWI)  PWCOFFSHORE and Kevin Shaw tested the "Flexx" handlebars in the offshore niche.  Check out the article! 

6/17/2008: New Offshore PWC Buyers Guide - click above and check it out! 
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6/2008: Brittany Wildman of Arizona is PWCOFFSHORE's latest highlighted rider. Check it out!  Click Here

6/2008: Check out the current / July issue of Personal Watercraft Illustrated (PWI). See PWCOFFSHORE's tech article in PWI regarding the FLEXX shock absorbing handlebars.

6/2008: Billy Womack inducted into the PWCOFFSHORE.com Hall of Fame!

London to Sydney on a watercraft!!
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4/2008: Nick Vanis wins April Parker Races. Lee Phan taske second. Congratulations Nick Vanis. 

4/2008: PWCOFFSHORE adds another RXT to its fleet for flat water, the ULTRA remains the craft of choice for rough water.

4/2008: Personal Watercraft Illustrated (PWI) and Kevin Shaw announce "Project Copperhead" for the Kawasaki ULTRA 250X. The project intends to build one of the best offshore craft the industry has seen.
Click here for more information!

March, 2008: Kawasaki 250X "Guru" Skip Holmes of Florida Team Moto and PWCOFFSHORE meet in Southern California to talk strategy on augmenting competitive running of 250X in the offshore niche.

The mechanic plays a significant and critical role in the success of racers. Aaron of great support to two of the racers including M. Gerner. Long hours and hard work from Aaron and both of the boats he wrenched finished in less than 60 minutes. Nice job Aaron.

The Kawasaki 250X is fast, quick and stable, and the ponies are thirsty! Clink above on 250X and learn more

Live in Southern California and need a good, honest PWC mechanic?
Call Aaron from Dana Point Jet ski at  (949) 661-4947  (949) 661-4947 . Or, pay him a visit at Dana Point Jet ski at 34671 Puerto Pl Dana Point, CA 92629. A few of us have used Aaron's services in the past and we have been thoroughly satisfied.
The mechanic plays a significant and critical role in the success of racers. Aaron of great support to two of the racers
eve Friebe of PWCOFFSHORE wins 1st at February, 2008 Lake Ming Sprints. Pat Roque takes second.

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PWC Mechanic Aaron Cress differentiates himself at 2007
including M. Gerner. Long hours and hard work from Aaron and both of the boats he wrenched finished in less than 60 minutes. Nice job Aaron. Call Aaron from Dana Point Jet ski at (949) 661-4947. Or, pay him a visit at Dana Point Jet ski at 34671 Puerto Pl Dana Point, CA 92629. A few of us have used Aaron's services in the past and we have been thoroughly satisfied.