Race Numbers

General Guidelines For Race Numbers:

1. 1-100 are usually earned 
2. For APBA Offshore races and you don't have a number and want one - email Ross Wallach of Rpm Racing Enterprises and ask him to provide you with a number assignment that is not already taken / or email your respective promoter
3. Most of the time numbers are first come first serve (for numbers that are not earned).
4. Size - minimum 8 inches - you can purchase them for 12.00 and any motorsports store - recommend you go larger than that
5. Design your own at www.edecals.com 
6. Ideally a white background with black letters
7. Most racers use lage white number on their craft / they pop and are easily seen (assuming of course your craft is a color other than white) 
8. Do not use duct tape