Start Your Offshore Team



So you ride with two or three other hard core offshore PWC enthusiasts? Why not start your own race team!? 


A quick "how to" start your own offshore PWC Race Team:


1.       Establish a racer's code of conduct

2.       Train together

3.       Agree on a uniform and a PWC decal kit

4.       Determine what offshore races you will do in the coming year - set team and personal goals

5.       Select a communications person and team leader

6.       Give yourself visibility by establishing a domain name and website.   consider www. Go       Share what you learn on with other offshore enthusiasts and racers

8.       Try your best to maintain decal uniformity with your skis and with your wetsuits.  Look like a team! Be professional

9.       Be professional and go have fun!     


Here is a place to buy jerseys (I have never purchased from this site and can’t endorse them)

Another place to buy jerseys (Again, I have never purchased from this site and can’t endorse them)

Google “Pit crew jerseys” and look for other sites to buy jerseys.


For race craft decals, consider these sites:


Lets create a healthy competition and continue to grow offshore PWC / Jet Ski racing!

Life is short, live!  Start your team now!