Triple Crown of Offshore

TCO Gold Club / Overall Triple Crown Champions:
2012 Overall Winner: Craig Warner - Kawasaki
2011 Overall Winner: Steve Friebe - SeaDoo RXTX 260
2010 Overall Winner:  Lee Phan - SeaDoo & Kawasaki
2009 Overall Winner: Mark Gerner - Kawasaki

The Triple Crown of Offshore is Comprised of Three Races:
1. The Dana Point Ca., USA to Avalon 37 Mile Offshore Sprint - March 
2. The historic Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship July   
3. The Dana Point to Oceanside and Back 50 Mile Race - November  

TCO Classes:


Pro Open Class:  Professional Level.  Modifications authorized.  This is the "Open" class.  Please note that Open is Open, all APBA modifications are allowed.  Must carry a "PRO" card


Veteran Master Class: Racers that are 35 and older are allowed to race in this Class.  Modifications are authorized in this class.  These racers can’t hold a "PRO" card.


Manufacturers Stock Class:  No modifications are authorized in this class but an after market bilge pump for safety.  After market bilge pump ONLY.


Super Stock Limited:  Hull modifications are allowed i.e. lifter wedges, handlebars, seat covers, etc. You are not authorized to do anything to the Power train.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO THE POWERTRAIN.


Amateur Open Class:  Modifications to the Power train is authorized in this class


Sportsman Class:   This class is reserved for first time Offshore racers only at a reduced rate of 100.00.   The reduced rate applies to the first and only first offshore TCO race.  The second offshore race raced by this racer will be in a standard class chosen by the racer at a standard rate.  Your second race will be in another class, NOT SPORTSMAN...  There are no TCO titles for the Sportsman Class.  If you have ever raced one of the TCO races in the past, you will not be authorized to race in this class.  This is for brand new offshore racers only. 

Points are generated for EACH race for both class and for overall.  At the end of the last race, class winners and overall winners are awarded.

Promoter:  RPM Racing Enterprises

There are specific pages on this site for EACH race with detailed information regarding the race. 
Check them out!

Points are generated for EACH race for both class and for the overall.  At the end of the last race, class winners and overall winners are awarded. Promoter:  RPM Racing Enterprises

There are specific pages on this site for EACH race with detailed information regarding the race.  Check them out!


The advent of 3 PWC Offshore races for 2009 has given this sport the ability to create an inaugural series: the "Triple Crown of PWC Offshore'. 

The commitment made by PWC offshore racers ushers in this charter namesake with complimentary Awards. The final point ratings will be tallied upon the final race for all 3 events. 

Overall placings will be acknowledged from 1st through 5th in each Class by the supporting point system earned for these 3 PWC Offshore events. 

The PWC Offshore panel that is overseeing the awards consists of Ross Wallach David Tew, Shawn Alladio    , Mark Gerner and Steve Friebe. These panel members have a diverse and extensive background in PWC offshore riding and competition and events. Each member is honored to be serving this racing community in stewardship of the sports growth.

There will be additional Category and Recognition Awards that will be announced at the program that expand upon the diversity and talent within this community. You won't want to miss this awards program!


1. Dana Point to Catalina Sprint 
2. LB2CAT National Offshore Championships (July)
3. Dana Point to Oceanside and Back 

1. Pro Am Open
2. Vet Masters
3. Mfg. Stock
4. Amateur Open
5. Sportsman
6. Superstock Limited

About RPM Racing Enterprises
RPM Racing Enterprises promotes multiple power boat competition events under APBA Sanctioning. For more information on these races, please visit or
Ross Wallach can be reached at

Open Ocean races comprised of a minimum of 35 miles heading offshore or transiting off the coast. All Competitors are required to abide by Federal, State and Sanctioned safety gear. Racing and boating rules, regulations and recommendations apply at all times while underway. A racer's 'Code of Conduct and Prudent Mariner and Seamanship Skills' apply as stewards of the PWC community. Personal Watercraft are raced by competitors in distance, timed, and transitional runs on courses that compliment the theme of 'offshore' riding, versus inland waterways. Ocean riding consists of weather and water conditions and navigation while underway. 


Place     Racer Name                       Points

1.       Mark Gerner                      1068

2.       Paul Pham                          1064

3.       Kim Bushong                     1064

4.       Shawn Alladio                   980

5.       Pat Roque                           780

6.       John Belton                        696

7.       Robert Carreon                 696

8.       Ralph Perez                        688

9.       Sean Conner                      680

10.   Jim Walker                         664

11.   Warren Frank                    644

12.   Mike Arnold                      608

13.   Ryan Levinson                   586

14.   Craig Warner                     400

15.   Lee Phan                             400

16.   Chris Heinrich                   368

17.   Dave Szych                         352

18.   Tyler White                        348

19.   Tom Phan                            348

20.   Ian Settlemire                   344

21.   Taylor Curtis                      344