Warrior Award Winners

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The annual Warrior Award is awarded to the member of PWCOFFSHORE Racing that best demonstrates the core values of PWCOFFSHORE Racing.  They are integrity, a collaborative spirit, inclusiveness and being tenacious on the race course.  They demonstrate "Strength & Honor"  both on and off the race course. 


2014: No Award Given / Nobody Met Standard 
2013 Warrior Award Winner:  KC Heidler
2012 Warrior Award Winner: Craig Warner
2011 Warrior Award Winner:  Steve Friebe
2010 Warrior Award Winner:  John Belton
2009 Warrior Award Winner:  Ms. Shawn Alladio

2013 Warrior Award Winner, KC Heidler of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Core Racing

PWCOFFSHORE is pleased to announce the 2013 Warrior Award Recipient, It is Iron Man Triathlete KC Heidler!  

A three time vet master IJSBA World Champion on the closed course, Mark Hahn race podium finisher and Triple Crown of Offshore podium finisher, with almost two decades of racing experience,  KC Heidler has been a fixture in both closed course and offshore racing for years.  In 2011, 2012 and 2013 KC Heidler engaged in multiple initiatives to support and grow offshore racing.  This included but was not limited to marketing campaigns, direct mailers to dealers and PWC racers, sponsoring offshore events, sponsoring race related DVDs, making it to the podium and being one of the most supportive members the offshore racing community has to offer in pursuit of growth of our sport. 

In 2012, KC initiated, planned and lead the effort in orchestrating “The Crucible” Jet Ski ride from Dana Point to San Clemente Island and back; a ride that would take teammates Tom Cruz and Mark Gerner over 60 miles out to sea each way unassisted to San Clemente Island, all for the first time in history on Jet Skis.  Again – these riders were unassisted with any chase boats as a safety umbrella and they did so during a small craft warning and very large seas.  

In July of 2013, KC Heidler competed in the fifty-eight mile LB2CAT Offshore National Championship race with a leg that was broken in late April of 2013 and still healing.  KC not only finished the rough water race, but made it all the way to the podium with a 3rd place overall finish!  This is a truly impressive and amazing accomplishment.        

KC is a leader, friend and mentor to many, a team player and a man of tremendous integrity.  PWCOFFSHORE is honored to be able to recognize KC Heidler for all he has done for offshore racing and his tremendous success.  Please join me in congratulating KC Heidler as the 2013 PWCOFFSHORE.COM Warrior Award Recipient!    

2012 Warrior Award Winner, Craig Warner of Monster Energy Kawasaki (Kawasaki ULTRA 300X)

PWCOFFSHORE is pleased to announce the 2012 PWCOFFSHORE.COM Warrior, Craig Warner!   

A racer’s racer with an indomitable spirit on the race course, Craig’s racing prowess is a foregone conclusion to all of you.  We all know Craig was leading the 2012 Mark Hahn 300 but had a mechanical, in true warrior spirit Craig refused to quit and rode his craft with one leg propping his hood open to allow his craft to breath resulting in a 4th place overall finish.  In addition to winning round one of this year’s TCO, he set a new course record that will likely be in effect for some time. 

Here is what you might NOT know about Craig, he TRULY loves offshore racing - Craig spent his own money printing fliers for the 2012 TCO and drove from motorsports dealer to dealer talking up the races and planting fliers at multiple dealers.  Craig has donated his own personal $300.00 in support of reward money for the 2012 TCO.  Those who know Craig know that even with all of success, Craig remains down to earth and a class act on and off the racecourse.  And this list goes on.

A developing legend in our sport, Craig is setting the standard for offshore racing.  Congratulations and a big hand for Craig Warner!

2011 Warrior Award Winner, Steve Friebe of Fresno, California USA

Steve Friebe aka "Famous Friebe" has been racing watercraft professionally for 12 years with multiple National Championships.  Steve is also a race technician that understands that EVERY SECOND COUNTS, arguably one of the best race technicians in the United States.  Those who know Steve know him as a tenacious racer, class act and a man of integrity who’s actions speak louder than his words.  You won't find a guy more willing to jump in and assist another racer.  Steve, you are one of the best, congratulations, you deserve it.  We thank you. 

2010 Warrior Award Winner, John Belton of Los Angeles, Ca USA

2009 Warrior Award Winner, Shawn Alladio