PWCOFFSHORE Description:  The Core Website for PWCOffshore Endurance Team Racers, Catalina and Offshore Riders from around the World!  Welcome!

History Of The Site
I've been passionate about offshore riding for fifteen years and can't seem to get enough. So what is the origin of the pwcoffshore.com site and how did it start? I was talking to a good riding friend about the various PWC related websites and their modification and race related content. I had an epiphany that none of them addressed the unique nature of offshore endurance riding and racing. Although almost all of the sites were great reads and full of community, none of them focused exclusively on content that would assist the offshore rider and racer. We found that most of the sites focused exclusively on closed course racing and or lake riding, there was almost nothing related to offshore riding or endurance racing. The next day I bought a domain and spent a few weekends creating content and the site was born. Since then, we have had hundreds of thousands of hits. The origin of the content is based on my many years of offshore riding and soliciting feedback from many extremely experienced offshore riders and racers such as John Belton and Mark Gerner, among many others. We've used the Catalina Island run as the basis for many of our observations simply because we ride the Catalina run almost every weekend.  

Our objective? No Egos. Provide the reader with offshore and endurance related content only and create a sense of community with offshore and endurance riders. It is our intent to be the premiere site for offshore & endurance riders.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide a forum for other PWC endurance enthusiasts and provide unbiased feedback on PWC products, services, accessories and riding methodology associated with hard core offshore PWC endurance riding and racing.

PWCOFFSHORE.com is part of PWCOFFSHORE Watercraft Racing and Promotions, Inc.

Our PWCoffshore Team athletes have years of experience in endurance racing and offshore PWC riding.  A few have also completed marathons and other crossover sports.  We are not limited to a finite group of riders!  We solicit feedback from all offshore US National and International riders and consolidate their feedback on this site.  Have you differentiated yourself in offshore or endurance riding?  If so, then we want your tips, input and feedback!  Collectively our knowledge and experience will continue to inspire others and invest in the future of offshore and endurance riding.  Please join us on this adventure!  Our original group of pioneering riders have challenged the Pacific Ocean waters year round in variable weather and water conditions.  These collective experiences have made our group of aggressive offshore riders extremely effective endurance and offshore pilots.  We have made hundreds of successful, fast and safe runs to Santa Catalina Island and back to the mainland due to our focused training and practices.  Mark Gerner of PWCOFFSHORE has completed the Long Beach to Catalina run in excess of 165 times. 
John Belton, 500 round trips.  Each transit is approximately 60 miles roundtrip into open Pacific waters in one of the most dangerous channel crossings in the world.  
Our team trains year round in Southern California and Florida. Our personal apparel is proven through grueling trials, we understand function and reliability better than any other type of riders.  We are highly tuned into the unique characteristics of our Personal Watercraft hull configurations, pump set ups and horsepower capabilities, matched with WOT applications! (Wide Open Throttle).  Our team has tuned their offshore race boats for intense conditions, and we run our boats in the harshest ocean waters.  This approach to extreme PWC riding enables us to focus on successful outings and a strong competitive presence.   The equipment we use is the fastest and most reliable PWC's and accessories currently on the market, we depend upon our gear. We operate in the harshest ocean conditions requiring a completely different approach to maintenance, racing and endurance riding & offshore racing.   If our riding methodology and gear makes it in this environment, it will likely do well in standard riding conditions.  Welcome to our site!  We want to hear from you!

The History of PWCOFFSHORE.com

I’ve been passionate about aggressive riding offshore since 1997.  The intent of PWCOFFSHORE is to be a catalyst in pursuit of positive growth of Jet SKi / PWC Offshore Racing.

I had difficulty getting people to ride offshore back in the day.  I heard all of the standard excuses, “its not safe, salt water is not good for my craft, it’s too hard core, it’s painful, are you nuts” etc.  I recall having the entire ocean to myself back in the late 90’s on my two stroke Yamaha 1100 cc Waveventure.  After a long week at work, there was nothing better than going twelve miles offshore and hammering it in the open ocean, I was in awe of the beauty and aggressive training component of the rides to Catalina.  Since then, I have learned to NEVER ride out in the open ocean alone like I used to due to the safety implication (NEVER ride in the ocean by yourself, never).  It was pure luck that I didn't get hurt or lost at sea, especially the way I rode.   Never ride alone in the ocean.  

I was never interested in riding behind the break-wall or on lakes.  Too easy - There just didn’t seem to be the challenge that the large swells and chop offered in the ocean.  The ocean riding was also consistent with the physical and mental challenge I was looking for.   As my friends and family will line up to share with you, I couldn’t get enough of wide open throttle “WOT” offshore riding. 

In 2006 we saw the Granddaddy of it all, The Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race (aka the LB2CAT) start to struggle primarily due to a lack of marketing.  We decided to do something about it.  Originally PWCOFFSHORE.COM was intended to bring exposure and participation to the LB2CAT via an elite group of offshore racers and best practices associated with hard core offshore racing and riding.  PWCOFFSHORE.COM has grown to much, much more than that.  PWCOFFSHORE.COM is now internationally recognized for Offshore Racing and Riding.            

With the advent of the RXP back in 2004, horsepower and overall performance changed and the paradigm was officially shifted.  Never before had the industry seen such power screaming across the channel to Catalina and Back.  I recall thinking ”215 horsepower in a watercraft, how could it possibly stay together.”  Later in the 2000’s craft started achieving speeds in excess of 80 mph.  The stamina of the racers became ever more important to hold these rocket ships wide open in rough water.  These craft were quite literally a handful to hold open in big water.  Just what the doctor ordered.  The 2000 – teens will bring 90 mph craft racing across the channel.  This will require yet another shift of the paradigm.  Racers will have to fortify safety equipment and maintain an even greater level of physical fitness.  Be ready, be prepared.  Bring it on….

PWCOFFSHORE.COM will continue to share our lessons learned with you in pursuit of augmenting the standards of excellence of offshore riding and racing.